Welcome to the Qadash Ministry website!

Where we lift up the only true name of the father, which is YAHUWAH, and the only true name of his son, which is YAHUWSHUWA.

This website has been created for those who have a love for the truth. The teachings provided on this site is for your enlightenment in these last days.  

***Important Note for Newcomers to our website***

Apostle Bennett highly recommends that you first watch
"The Apostle's Doctrine" and then "The Original Sacred Name" followed by "I AM WHO I AM" followed by "The Son's ONLY Name" and then "The Revelation of YAH" as these are critical foundational teachings of the Qadash Ministry.

The Qadash Ministry has placed the teachings in chronological order which can be found HERE.

Apostle Bennett highly recommends that you watch the teachings in the order prescribed to come to the full and complete understanding of the doctrine taught here.


About Us


The Qadash Ministry is the end-time Ministry dedicated to bringing the Apostle's Doctrine to the Elect Children of Yahuwah. In times past the Prophets and Set Apart Apostles were Men chosen to bring the true revelations of Yahuwah our Father and His Only Begotten Son Yahuwshuwa.

Our Ministry restores the uncompromised truth of the Scriptures. The mission of the Qadash Ministry is to wake up the Elect before the return of our King Yahuwshuwa HaMashiyach.

For all who have ears to hear and eyes to see…Yahuwah Alahym has chosen this Ministry to be the standard of TRUTH by which the whole world will be judged in these last and evil days. Shaluwm.